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Size: 505 kB
Latest version: 1.4.4
Release date: January 23, 2012

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Android wallpapers... the right way.

PrettyPix is the coolest new android wallpaper solution with a comprehensive set of features. Beautify your android homescreen with more than 60000 high quality wallpaper style photographs.

"Meet PrettyPix HD, my new favorite wallpaper application." -
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With a a fluid, easy to use UI, it makes finding and customizing wallpapers a smooth experience. The app provides image editing with custom crop settings to provide you ultimate control in the final look and feel of the wallpaper. You can save your favorites for later. Browse images gallery using built-in categories or search for specific key-words to locate the images you need.

New wallpapers added every day, check out the recent images. Personalize your android device, the right way!!!

Quick features -
  • Customizable image crop for ultimate control.
  • In-app image editing for wallpapers.
  • Save favorites.
  • Share/save wallpaper images.
  • Loads of wallpaper categories.
  • Search by image tags.
  • Fluid, modern and customizable UI.

Note. Wallpaper images are of approximately 1024x768 pixels.

In the press -
  • says - Meet PrettyPix HD, my new favorite wallpaper application. READ MORE
  • - featured app of the day. READ MORE
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