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vVocab is the ultimate English vocabulary learning tool to prepare for competitive exams like SAT/GRE/GMAT or simply enhance your words repertoire. It puts a comprehensive set tools for vocubulary learning and training right at your finger-tips. With an intuitive and unified interface to explore and discover words, evaluate and monitor your vocabulary knowledge and review your learnings, uVocab ensures a productive and fruitful experience. Get the app



uVocab contains a comprehensive database of nearly 5000 quality, hand-picked words, considered 'high-frequency' in various competetive tests and essential for every advanced vocabulary learner. With a clean and customizable UI, you can explore the word database via multiple browsing methods that support both systematic learning or a casual look up. In-depth vocabulary information categories makes the dataset relevant to both beginners and advanced learners.


Take realistic tests to evaluate your vocabulary strength. You can track your progress with detailed test statistics alongwith complete test history to review past performance. uVocab now supports multiple test types to take vocabulary test with different word groups.


uVocab contains all the features to keep track and quickly review words of interest to you. Favorite tags allow you to conveniently locate interesting words. Failed tags are automatically added for mistakes made during tests to aid your revision process. Flash cards provide another way to create word groups to help you during test preparations.

App features:

- Comprehensive, in-depth word database.
- Multiple word browsing methods.
- Realistic test module.
- Audio pronunciations for unfamiliar words.
- Web resources integration for advanced learning.
- Supports favorite/failed tags for word revision.
- Flash cards for test preparations.
- Detailed test history to monitor progress.
- Share words with your friends.
- Clean and fully customizable UI with multiple themes.


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About Us

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